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Able Green Solutions is a Florida based Bio-Mass Renewable Energy, Training, and Environmental Remediation Corporation. Our principal areas of expertise are conversion of bio¬ mass waste material to clean-green electric energy and the use of technology to process waste material to be converted for use in our proprietary Pyrolator system which converts waste to secondary products of Syn-gas and long fiber carbon char. The Syn-gas is used to run gas to electric generators which produce green energy. The carbon from the char can be used to make secondary products such as railroad ties, house decking, truck bodies, etc.

Our company has been involved in oil clean-up programs since 2011. Our media has the ability to absorb and encapsulate the oil, which then would be used as fuel for our Pyrolator system. Our media treatment can also be used to recover the land and after 2-3 applications (approx. 3 to 6 months) the land will support normal agriculture. Our media can also remove oil off the surface of ponds and rivers through the use of boom socks, and that material can also be used as Pyrolator feed material along with the MSW from dumps and other organic waste.

Utilizing our best available technologies, our environmental remediation projects can be completed oftentimes in just 15% the time of other existing technologies.   And when we are finished, we will leave our clients with trained staff and the technical know-how to continue to utilize our systems on their own with us providing needed technical support and expertise to assist them in every step of the process.

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